On July 26th 2014 Dutchman Luc Overtoom left the harbour of Amsterdam for a 2-year sailing trip around the world in his ´Cardo´, a 41-ft. sailing yacht.

He and his wife Trudy had previously planned this trip for years, but it was not to be: Trudy died in 2011 after a 14-year battle against breast-cancer. During that battle she received tremendous care and support from the Cancer Center Amsterdam (CCA) team of the Free University Medical Center in Amsterdam and especially of the world renowned professor Bob Pinedo.

Despite his grief Luc wanted to show his gratitude to the team and decided to generate as much money as possible for the CCA team through his project ´Setting Sail for Cancer´: by sailing around the world he wants to induce people and organizations all over the world to donate spontaneously and generously or buy nautical miles for € 50 per nm.

On every leap of the trip different crew members join Luc on his adventurous voyage. Like him they not only pay for their own expenses, but also donate each at least € 2500 to Luc´s project. At this moment Luc and crew are on their way from Australia to South Africa……….